Custom Software Solutions

Small Business & Franchise Retail

Point of Sale

Inventory Management
   add, sell, price, search, categorize

Customer Database
   sales, loyalty program, credits

Staff Accounts & Activity Logging
   sales, access levels, data tracking

Reporting & Operations
   reports on all available data and ops

Free 30 Day Trial
   contact us below

   ~$99/mo/location/10 employees


Best Possible Shopping Experience
   visually appealing and easy to use

Custom Design & Branding
   good customer relationship

Social Media Integration
   facebook, insta, twitter, youtube

Point of Sale Integration
   combined & separate inventories

User Activity Reporting
   searches, sales, user interaction

    ~$35/hr  ~$99/mo  ~1% Online Sales

Web Development

– New Projects or Modifications
   other products or our own

– Customer Facing Website
   sales, presentation, integration

– Web Apps for Internal Use
   reporting, scheduling, marketing

Web & Workflow Design
   in-person or video/screen call

Database Setup & Reporting                   database design and retrieval

       Approximate Pricing: ~$35/hr

We use only the best and most widely-supported software, coding languages and frameworks.  Before starting development our team will determine the right combination of tech to ensure timely, cost-efficient, and accurate results.

HTML5    CSS3    Javascript    PHP    MySQL    WordPress    Nodejs

Recent Clients

The largest card game store in western Canada has been using our Point of Sale and Ecommerce solution for years and has seen non-stop growth ever since.  Over 7 figures in sales, thousands of unique inventory items and customers, dozens of employees logging in and making sales every day.  Visit!

A multiplayer online strategy game capable of handling thousands of games simultaneously.  Features include User Accounts, Ranking System, Stat Tracking, Character Customization Interface, In-store Purchases, In-game Currency, Lobby and Queue System, and a fantastic multiplayer gaming experience!

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